Chicken & Meat

Ribeye steak


Marble beef 1.5 kg
Fresh champignons 450g
coarse sea salt 1,5 teaspoons


STEP 1 Heat a grill pan (or other pan with a thick bottom).

STEP 2 Make sure to blot the meat with paper towels.
so that it is cooked and not steamed.

STEP 3 Brush the steak with olive oil on both sides (if desired).

STEP 4 Rub lightly with coarse sea salt (when cooking steak, forget
Forget about the salt!)

STEP 5 Put the meat on a hot pan and fry 1-1.5 minutes on one side.
1-1.5 minutes on one side. After that, immediately put mushrooms cut in halves around the steak.
Then put mushrooms cut in half so that they are cooked in parallel with steak and cooked at the same time.
cooked in parallel with the steak to a state of readiness at the same time.

STEP 6 Turn the steak to the other side: now, thanks to the formation of the crust,
thanks to the crust formed, all the juices remain inside.

STEP 7 After another 1-1.5 minutes, flip the meat over a third time to obtain
beautiful pattern of transversal strips (from the grill grate).

STEP 8 After flipping, turn the heat down to low. We do this so that the steak
begin to cook but not burn, and also at the expense of the fat that is being drained out, which in the ribeye enough, the crust is just guaranteed.

STEP 9 After 3 minutes, flip again for 3 minutes and remove the steak
off the pan. We obtain the thickness of the steak at 2 cm – Medium.

STEP 10 Give it a little rest, about a minute.
STEP 11 Place on a plate, add some freshly ground pepper, sea salt,
A sprig of thyme and a bit of butter, place the mushrooms on the plate.

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