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This dish is just a fruit sea of pleasure. A nice feature of this dish is that all components are interchangeable; for example, you can safely add orange, grapefruit, tangerines, or peaches to this salad, and to make the dish more nutritious, you can add a banana at the end of cooking. Also, 3 tablespoons of regular or fruit brandy can be added to the salad, at the moment, adding lemon juice.

Ingredients :

1/2 pineapple,
2 sweet pears,
300 gr. strawberries,
300 gr. grapes,
200 gr. melon,
3-4 kiwi,
1 lime (or lemon),
8-10 leaves of mint,
60 ml of honey.

Let’s proceed to cooking :

First, the fruit should be thoroughly washed, and then cut into square or longitudinal slices.

As an option, you can cut strawberries into four pieces, pears into cubes, pineapple into thin slices, grapes – in half, stripped of seeds, and kiwi in circles.

Finely chop the mint. Then mix all the fruit together in a large bowl, after pouring the lemon juice (add brandy at this point, if desired).

At the end add the honey and mix everything thoroughly. It is advisable to chill all the fruit in the refrigerator beforehand.
For this salad, when serving, almond cookies are great.
Bon appetit!

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