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Basket with cream and raspberry confit

Ingredients :

For the dough:
200 gr flour
almond flour 30g
1g salt
70 gr powdered sugar
110 g butter
1 chicken egg
For the cream:
cottage cheese 300 g
33-35% cream 200 ml
70 g powdered sugar
For the raspberry confit:
Raspberry puree 200g
sugar 40 gr
pectin 6g

Instructions :

STEP 1/13
Combine flour, almond meal, powdered sugar and salt in a bowl.
STEP 2/13
Add the cold diced butter.
STEP 3/13
Grate into crumbs.
STEP 4/13
Add egg.
STEP 5/13.
Knead dough and place in freezer for 40 minutes.
STEP 6/13
Combine sugar and pectin.
STEP 7/13
Heat the raspberry puree in a saucepan until boiling, pour in the sugar and pectin and cook until
Pectin until the first bubbles appear.
STEP 8/13
Transfer to a bowl, cover with cling film and place in the refrigerator until cool.
STEP 9/13
Roll out the dough and cut out circles slightly larger than the diameter of the molds.
STEP 10/13
Grease the molds and place the dough circles in them, pressing well. Bake at 160°C for 20
for 20 minutes. Leave to cool in the tin and keep in the tin.
STEP 11/13
Spread the raspberry filling on the bottom of the baskets.
STEP 12/13
For the cream, whisk together the cottage cheese, cream, powdered sugar and a dash of colouring (if desired).
if desired.)
STEP 13/13
Transfer the cream to a piping bag and decorate the baskets.

Bon appetit!

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