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Amazing cake with meringue

Ingredients :

egg whites 3 pcs.
sugar 150 g
lemon juice 0,5 tsp.
condensed milk 225 ml
butter 150 g
Chocolate 50 g
milk 35 ml
nuts 50 g

Instructions :

STEP 1/11
Prepare the meringue. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. In a dry and clean bowl put whites and start beating at low speed.

STEP 2/11
Gradually increase the speed. Add the sugar in a few steps. Then beat on high speed. Add lemon juice and whisk for 1 more minute. The whole process will take ~12–15 minutes.

STEP 3/11
When the mass is white and firm and holds its shape well, transfer it to a piping bag. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and pipe the meringue (4–5 cm in diameter).

STEP 4/11
Place in oven and dry at 90–100°C for ~ 1 hour.

STEP 5/11
Make the cream. Beat soft room temperature butter on high speed for 2–3 minutes. Add condensed milk and beat well until a dense homogeneous mass, 4 minutes. Place the cream in a piping bag.

STEP 6/11
The finished meringue will be white or slightly creamy.

STEP 7/11
Assemble the cake. Cream the bottom of each meringue and place the first bottom layer of meringue.

STEP 8/11
Then grease all the meringues at the bottom and arrange the cake in the shape of a hill. Pipe the remaining cream into the empty spaces.

STEP 9/11
Make the frosting. Chop chocolate finely with a knife, pour hot milk or cream. Stir quickly, so that the chocolate has time to melt, but not to curdle. Gradually add milk until it is of the desired consistency.

STEP 10/11
Spoon warm frosting over the cake and decorate with nuts.

STEP 11/11
Place in fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Bon appetit!

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