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Air Fryer Mashed Potato Jalapeño Bites .

Mashed potato balls are a very hearty dish that can be used as an alternative to French fries. That said, the recipe for mashed potato balls in stir-fry includes a huge number of toppings to stuff the ball. The hot snack can be stuffed with hard or soft cheese, ham, ground meat, fish or seafood, pieces of pickled vegetables, nuts or dried fruits. And you can serve it with cheese, cream, walnut, mushroom, tomato or mustard sauce.

Mashed potatoes (720 gr)
Brynza(80 g)
Dill (1 tbsp.)
Green onions(1 tbsp.)
Wheat flour(1/2 tbsp)
Egg(2 eggs)
Bread crumbs(1.25 tbsp.)

Steps to Prepare :

Step 1 Prepare all the ingredients of the dish. As already written above, flour should be added strictly according to the definition on the viscosity. The calculation of the ingredients goes on the ready, hardened mashed potatoes.

Step 2 To the potatoes add the flour, bryndza, onion and dill. Salt and pepper should be added to taste, but note that the brynza will give the appetizer a little saltiness, and the spiciness of the dish later can add sauces.

Step 3 Mix all the products until the large lumps are dissolved. Recall that the finished mass should be slightly dry, but keep a round shape without falling apart or falling apart.

Step 4 Done mass can be set aside for a while and do the breading. To bread the potato balls you will need breadcrumbs, eggs, beaten into a foam, and flour. It is desirable to divide the mashed potatoes immediately into medium-sized balls, the given number of ingredients should turn out about 20-25 pieces.

Step 5 Prepared balls lay out on a table or cutting board and sprinkle with flour. Then dip each ball in egg and then roll in breadcrumbs. Dip the breadcrumbs in a lot of hot vegetable oil for 3 minutes or until intensely golden in color. Or you can bake the potato balls in the oven for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Step 6 Place the finished deep-fried potato balls first on a paper towel and then on a platter to serve. Serve the appetizer hot with a variety of sauces. Also serve with chopped fresh vegetables and lettuce.

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