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Air Fryer Roasted cooked Pineapple .

Air Fryer Roasted cooked Pineapple ? could be a delicious and merry aspect to several meat dishes, salads. an excellent merry addition to the vacation table.

Ingredients :

1 contemporary Pineapple, sliced into 1/4 in. thick rings
Cinnamon powder. Or a most popular spices of your selection.
Chinese 5 Spice. (Optional) generally i like to use it.
1 teaspoon sugar or honey. this is often ex gratia to sprinkle on high. can|this may|this can} add additional sweetness and also the sugar will caramelize the crust even a lot of within the air fryer, making a gorgeous look and texture. simply check that you watch it closely and flip often therefore it does not burn.

Instructions :

Preheat your air fryer to four hundred F (190 Celsius)

Core Pineapple mistreatment pineapple device and slicer and go 1/4 in. thick rings

Sprinkle cinnamon on every ring (or Chinese five-spice)

Place pineapple rings into air chicken basket (no ought to spray with oil)

Air Fry slices eight to ten minutes.

Turn on the opposite aspect and air fry for an extra five minutes or till you see the attractive caramelized grill marks
Let cool for some minutes .
Serve and revel in heat or cold .

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