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Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Wings .

Air fryer BBQ Chicken Wings are a delicious and straightforward course or meal that’s prepared in exactly twenty minutes. created with wings, your favorite BBQ sauce, and a secret ingredient that may create these wings additional crispy!


24 chicken wings
1 Tbsp garlic powder
2 Tbsp sugar
⅔ cup BBQ sauce


Preheat the Air fryer to 380 degrees F . Prepare the Air fryer basket with vegetable oil spray, slippy change of state spray, or parchment paper when you’ve got preheated the Air fryer.

Rinse and utterly dry the chicken wings.
Mix the garlic powder and sugar along and use as a dry rub over the wings. For additional tender wings, add a pinch of leaven to the seasoning before coating the wings.
Place the wings in an exceedingly single layer within the basket of the air fryer.

Cook the wings at 380 degrees F for sixteen minutes, flipping the ings each four minutes. Increase the warmth to four hundred degrees physicist and cook for an extra four minutes. Use a thermometer to make sure the wings have reached one hundred sixty five degrees physicist. Add 1-2 minutes time if required.

Remove the chicken wings from the air fryer and place them into a medium sized bowl. cowl the wings with BBQ sauce then toss the wings till they’re utterly coated in sauce.
Serve together with your favorite sides and dipping sauces.

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