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We’ve done it! We’ve cracked the code to the notable Hardee’s: massive HOT HAM ‘N’ CHEESE SANDWICH! We’ve added a twist tho’ which will permit virtually everybody the power to form this sandwich at home! Since most folks don’t have an advert meat steamer or industrial bread toaster, we’ve created this direction so you’ll use your air fryer! affirmative, even as sensible because the eating place, however in your air fryer! You won’t be ready to tell the distinction.

Ingredients :
1 Potato roll
12 slices Virginia Honey Ham, thinly sliced, divided
2 slices Swiss cheese, on an individual basis wrapped, divided
1 tablespoon preserved butter

Instructions :
Preheat your air poulet to four hundred degrees.

While the air poulet is heating up, in a very tiny bowl, soften one tbsp of preserved butter within the microwave.

Just as the air poulet has reached four hundred degrees, open the potato roll and, employing a brush, brush the within surfaces of the staff of life with a lightweight coating of the liquified butter.

Once buttered, place the potato staff of life into the air poulet so the buttered facet of the staff of life faces up. Toast the staff of life for two minutes.

Set the cooked staff of life aside.

Having cooked the staff of life, decide five oz. (approx.12 slices) of Virginia ham. Divide the ham into 2 vi slice halves.

On 2 items of parchment paper, roll the ham into tubes so they equal the bun’s dimension. If you’ve got additional ham than the bun’s dimension, simply place the remaining ham on high of rock bottom layer. Repeat this method with the opposite pile.

Having set a foundation of ham, high the ham with a chunk of Swiss cheese and gently move.

Place the parchment papers with the ham and cheese within the air poulet and cook for one minute or till the cheese is good and liquified. IMPORTANT: ensure THAT THE PARCHMENT PAPER is simply LONG ENOUGH to choose THE MEAT UP OUT OF THE AIR poulet, however NOT TOO LONG so IT BLOWS UP AND HITS THE component. IT may CAUSE A FIRE!

Once the cheese has liquified, and also the meat has warm within the air poulet, take away the parchment paper from the air poulet basket.
Using a spatula, take away one pile of meat and cheese from the parchment paper and place it on high of rock bottom staff of life.
Repeat the method and place the opposite pile of meat on high of the primary pile.
Top the meat and cheese with the highest of the staff of life and ENJOY!

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