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With my lamb chops cooked in the deep fryer, you can make a delicious gourmet dinner in less than 20 minutes! This quick and easy air fryer recipe requires almost no manual labor, and it makes lamb chops that cook perfectly every time!


1 tablespoon olive oil.
▢1 tablespoon grated lamb (see recipe or use your favorite brand)
▢1 lb lamb chops (6 lamb loin chops or lamb leg chops)


Pat the lamb chops dry with paper towels and brush them with olive oil. Season one side of the lamb chops, then place them in a deep fryer basket seasoned side down and season the opposite side.

Cook lamb chops in a deep fryer for 4 minutes at 400° F. (205 ° С). Open the fryer basket, flip the lamb chops over, and continue frying for another 4 to 5 minutes.

Once cooked to desired degree of doneness (*see note), transfer lamb chops to a plate or cutting board. Cover the air-fried lamb chops tightly with a square of aluminum foil and let them rest for 5 minutes before serving.

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