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The best Snickers cake

Recipe Description – Snickers Cake:
A mega nutty cake. It turns out quite sweet, but very tasty
Snickers Cake: composition, calories and nutritional content per 100 grams
Protein 7,04 gr
Fats 16.41 g
Carbohydrates 32,13 g


Cocoa40 g
Wheat flour100 g
Chicken egg5 pieces.
Baking powder 1 tsp
Cream200 g
Water40 g
Butter50 g

Dark chocolate, 45-59% cocoa 150 g
Cream 30-33% 300 ml
Mascarpone250 g
Cream60 ml
Peanut flavor

Directions :

Step 1:
First make the chocolate cake. Mix all the dry ingredients (flour, cocoa and baking powder) in a separate bowl. Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy. Sift dry ingredients into eggs. Mix gently. Pour into a baking tin (I have a diameter of 18 cm) and bake for 35-40 minutes at 170 degrees

Step 2:
Now let’s prepare the caramel. We mix water with sugar and put it on the fire. Do not stir!!! The water will keep the sugar from burning. We boil the sugar for 7-8 minutes until it turns amber. While sugar is boiling in other saucepan we bring cream to the boil, but we do not boil it. When the sugar is boiling we add the sugar to it. The mixture will foam a lot. When the butter has melted, pour in a thin stream of cream. We add half a teaspoon of salt and boil the caramel for 3 minutes. At first the caramel will be liquid, but after a while it will thicken

Step 3:
In the cake we will have two creams (cream cheeses and ganache) I used ganache for the cream inside the cake, and cream cheeses decorated the outside of the cake. To make the ganache. Warm the cream. Crush the chocolate. Dissolve chocolate in hot cream. Place in fridge for 1-2 hours. Whip mixture until it becomes a thick and fluffy foam.

Step 4:
Mix all the ingredients to a single mixture

Step 5:
Before assembling the cake, mix in the caramel and peanuts. We assemble our cake. Cut the biscuit into 3 parts. We lay out the first part. Strongly soak the biscuit, or it will be dry (I soaked with a mixture of caramel syrup and water). We put a rim of ganache and put in the middle peanuts in caramel. We cover with the second cake. Repeat everything the same way. The third cake must be soaked. Put the cake into fridge for 1-2 hours. After that we decorate the cake. We cover the top with cheesecream and decorate it according to our taste. You can use strawberries or nuts. Done

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