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Homemade Zebra cake

I don’t know about you, but in February we have birthdays that go one after another. And although everyone is a little tired from previous holidays, I still want to cook something tasty. Yes, and the cake is not just food, but also a gift, especially if you make it yourself at home.
Therefore, today we will look at some delicious, well-known by name, but not all of them were baked by ourselves, cakes. And even if you don’t have any birthdays in the coming days or weeks, it will still come in handy for you.
Everyone knows this miracle from early childhood. His recipes have been passed down for generations. The taste is just amazing. Consider the classic recipe for this cake.


flour 2 tbsp.
eggs 4 pcs.
sugar 1.5 tbsp.
sour cream 200 gr.
butter 180 gr.
soda 0.5 tsp
vinegar essence
cocoa 3 tbsp
vanilla on the tip of a knife


  1. Combine fresh eggs with sugar in a cup and beat with a mixer.
  2. Melt the butter on a fire or a steam bath and cool it a little. Pour the oil into the eggs in a thin stream, stirring constantly.

note : Butter is desirable to use at least 80% fat. Not only quality, but taste and aroma depend on this.

  1. Add sour cream to the total mass. It is better to take it more than 20% fat. Mix everything thoroughly.
  2. Gradually add flour, sifting it. Be sure to control the consistency of the dough. It should not be very thick, but not liquid either. Mix well again.
  3. Combine soda with a few drops of vinegar (sour cream), thereby extinguishing it. Add to the dough and mix everything.
  4. Divide the finished dough in half. Add cocoa to one half, flour to the second. They should have the same consistency.
  5. The dough should resemble thick sour cream.
  6. Having completed the kneading of the dough, you can proceed to the creative part of making the cake.
  7. Initially, you need to grease the form well with vegetable oil, or use parchment.
  8. Put 2 tablespoons of light dough in the center, then 2 tablespoons of chocolate dough. And so alternate until the desired amount of dough in a baking sheet.

note : To make the drawing beautiful, you need to try to pour the dough at the same point.

  1. A lot of patience is needed here. You will immediately notice when the pattern begins to form. You should get multi-colored circles. Continue spreading until the dough runs out.
  2. To create a more original drawing, I advise you to use a toothpick or a skewer. Here you can already show all your imagination. Or do it like me – draw lines from the center with a toothpick to the edge of the form. If you draw the lines the other way around, from the edge to the center, you get a completely different pattern.
  3. Put the cake in a preheated oven to 160 degrees and bake for 40 minutes. Since the dough is made with sour cream, the baking process may take a little longer than usual due to the low temperature.

note : By lowering the temperature and increasing the baking time, the cake is more even. The middle practically does not rise, remains on the same level with the main mass. It turns out an even cake.

  1. While baking a cake – you should not open the oven door so that it turns out to be even and lush. Otherwise, it may abruptly settle.
  2. When the cake is reddened, take it out and check for readiness with a toothpick. If it is crumbly and wet, put it back in the oven for another 5 minutes to the previous mode. If dry and clean – it is completely ready.

note : If your cake is browning quickly, but still damp, you can cover it with foil. Then it will bake well and not burn.

  1. Remove the finished cake from the mold and serve as a cake or make the base of the cake. If this is a cake, then the cake should be cut into several cakes and soaked with cream to your liking. Fall on the table with fragrant tea.
  2. Consider a recipe for making a universal sour cream, which is suitable for soaking any cake.

Sour cream 500 ml.
Sugar 200 gr.
sour cream

  1. Mix fresh sour cream and sugar. Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes. After that, mix again and beat well with a mixer.
  2. Beat sour cream with sugar at maximum speed until a creamy consistency is formed. The cream will be thick and fluffy.
  3. Lubricate the cake layers with the finished cream. Decorate as desired with whatever you like. You can invite all household members to the table.

Bon appetit everyone!

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