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Homemade Charlotte Russe cake

Chocolate cream with almond flakes and a little rum: if that doesn’t guarantee success! The traditional charlotte russe is pretty to look at too. Arrange the ladyfingers along the edge of the dish: it gives your dessert a beautiful appearance. Your guests will love it.

Ingredients :

For your charlotte-russe :
2 pack ladyfingers (boudoirs)
75 g dark melting chocolate
75 g almond paste
75 cl milk
50 g chocolate pudding powder
25 cl whipped cream
18 g gelatine sheets
4 tablespoons rum flavoring (optional)
3 teaspoons instant coffee (optional)
2 eggs
100 g baking sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar
For your filling :
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
10 cl whipped cream
6 sprigs of redcurrants
half a sachet of vanilla sugar (4 g)
Baking and cooking utensils
springform pan (Ø 22 cm)
round, flat dish or bottom of springform pan

Directions :

Soak the gelatin in cold water for 10 minutes. Place the edge of the springform pan on a saucer or make it easy and use the entire springform pan. Arrange the ladyfingers on top and set them upright along the wall, with the sugar side against the edge. Cut a piece off the ladyfingers. This makes it easier to keep them upright.

Separate the eggs. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar and vanilla sugar until white and frothy. Dissolve the custard powder in a little milk and add it to the egg froth.

Bring the rest of the milk to just near boiling point and melt the chocolate in it. Stir until the chocolate is completely dissolved. Add the hot milk to the egg froth by stirring well while letting the milk run in a thin stream. Return the mixture to the saucepan and let it thicken gently, without boiling.

Remove your pot from the heat and add the squeezed out gelatin. Stir well. Add in the almond meal, instant coffee and rum, and mix everything together. Let cool completely and thicken into a firm pudding.

Beat the cream half stiff and the egg white until it stays straight. Fold the cream and then the egg white under the chocolate cream.

Fill the mold with half of the chocolate cream and place a layer of ladyfingers on top. Spread the remaining chocolate cream on top and leave to set in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

Before serving, remove the rim from the springform pan. To finish, whip the cream with the powdered and vanilla sugar. Place the cream in a piping bag with a serrated nozzle. Top the cake with whipped cream florets and red berries.


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