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This spicy Crock-Pot Pepperoncini Pot Roast is a straightforward, not many fixing recipe; in a real sense just four fixings. Dump your fixings in a sluggish cooker or simmering pot, leave for six hours, and return to a succulent, delightful, fiery, delicate dish. Serve it with a side of hand crafted pureed potatoes, or top it on a hoagie bun. One way or another, you will cherish this dish!


▢3 to 5 lb meat broil
▢16 oz container pepperoncini peppers with fluid
▢1 bundle of dry Italian Salad Dressing Mix
▢1 bundle of Brown Gravy Mix


Consolidate 3 to 5 lbs meat broil, 16 oz container Pepperoncini peppers with fluid, 1 bundle of dry Italian Salad Dressing Mix, and 1 bundle of Brown Gravy Mix together in stewing pot.

Cook on low intensity 6 to 8 hours or until meat is self-destructing.

Notes :
Note: Try not to open the slow cooker cover an overabundance to. The strain from the intensity and steam cook it slow and delicate. At the point when you open the pot, it delivers that intensity and steam. The stewing pot needs to reproduce that interaction once more and loses the cooking time and tension.

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