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Cornbread salad is a layered plate of mixed greens that is comparably heavenly as it is beautiful. Layers of cornbread, beans, veggies, cheddar, and a zippy Southwestern plate of mixed greens dressing meet up for a simple and delightful serving of mixed greens – – the ideal side dish for a family get-together, potluck, or church suppers.


▢1 box Jiffy cornbread blend (standard or veggie lover)
▢⅓ cup milk
▢1 egg
▢2 jars dark beans, depleted and flushed
▢2 cups cherry tomatoes, split
▢1 pack green onions, cut
▢2 cups feta cheddar
▢1 10 oz. sack frozen corn, defrosted
▢1 red pepper, diced

Southwestern Salad Dressing :
▢2 cups Greek yogurt
▢1 lime, squeeze and zing
▢2 tablespoons honey
▢1 teaspoon cumin
▢3 teaspoons stew powder
▢4 teaspoons apple juice vinegar


Set one up box of Jiffy cornbread as per the bundle directions in a 8-or 9-inch square dish. When cooled, cut it into shapes.

Cut cherry tomatoes into equal parts. Channel and wash two jars of dark beans. Defrost on 10 oz. pack of frozen corn. Dice one red pepper. Cut one cup of green onions.

In a little bowl, join the serving of mixed greens dressing fixings: two cups Greek yogurt, the juice and zing of one lime, two tablespoons of honey, one teaspoon of cumin, three teaspoons stew powder, and four teaspoons of apple juice vinegar.

In an unmistakable glass bowl, fabricate the layers with ½ of every fixing. Begin with the cornbread shapes, then beans, tomatoes, green onions, cheddar, corn, red pepper, and the dressing.
Rehash this interaction. Add a couple of additional tomatoes and green onions on top for decorate.

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