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Chocolate filling for pancakes and pies.

Among the many different fillings, the first place is rightly held by chocolate. A drop of good chocolate can easily turn the most ordinary treat into a gourmet dessert, and it’s a sin not to take advantage of this, especially when it comes to holiday treats.
But you don’t have to use chocolate as a glaze or decoration – you can make sweets with chocolate fillings. Recipes for some of these fillings are collected on this page, and you can experiment with your usual cakes, pies, pancakes or desserts.

Chocolate Filling :

chocolate – 300 gr
cream – 300 g
Butter – 70g
Chop chocolate with a knife and pour hot cream. Melt chocolate in cream. Add butter and mix.

Chocolate Filling

This is the simplest chocolate filling, but it can give your baked goods a very original flavor. It all depends on what kind of candy you use.

You don’t need to prepare anything: just take the chocolates and place them right in the muffin batter, in the buns, or between the layers of the pie. Then send the product to the oven.

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