Air Fryer recipes & salads

Beautiful sliced vegetables


Hard cheese (for example, Russian or
Marble cheese) – 200 gr;
mozzarella cheese – 100 gr;
Your choice of salami – 300 g (you may choose 200 g
Wide and 100 g of narrow salami);
Sweet croutons with raisins – 200 g;
1 pear;
grapes (or cherry tomatoes) – 10-12 pcs;
Lettuce chicory (endive) – 3 small

Preparation Process:

Take a large cutting board, tray,
platter, serving plate, or any other
suitable flatware that you have
at hand. It can be round, but it can also be
It can be oval or rectangular.
Cut the sausage and cheese into small thin
Slice the sausage and cheese into thin, manageable slices (any shape).
Wash the fruits and vegetables, separate the endive into
individual leaves. Large grapes (or
Cherry) cut in half.

You can start layering the slices either from the
center to the edges, or vice versa – from the edges to the
center. I prefer the latter method.
Arrange the endive leaves in a semi-circle. Then
Add a layer of salami (if the diameter of the sausage
diameter, slice it thinly and roll each slice into a tube.
roll each slice into a tube).
The next layer is the hard cheese, which you
The next layer is a layer of hard cheese, of which you have prepared a larger amount (200g).

Then add a layer of breadcrumbs (or crackers).
And then again a layer of cheese (mozzarella) and narrow
Once the slicing circles are sufficiently
narrow enough, you add the “peacock body”: cut the
The pear in half, and glue the eyes on it
(Use mayonnaise and peppers or
or just candy canes).
From a piece of cheese, cut out legs and a beak.
Place the “bird” in the center of the dish.
You can add a little more cheese to
Add a little more cheese to lift up the pear, creating more volume.
Finally, fill the voids around the pear
With grapes (cherries). Using candied
corn is completely optional – you can put slices of olives instead.
You can use pieces of olives instead,

Chunks of sweetcorn, canned peas or corn can be used instead.
The pre-cooked sausage and cheese slices
The sausage and cheese slices you prepared in advance can be covered gently with cling film
and keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.
Serve your “peacock” for the holiday

Bon appetit!

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