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Banana pudding & Strawberry Shortcake Cake .


Basic Vanilla Cake Recipe
Banana flavoring
Strawberry flavoring
Vanilla wafers
Strawberry wafers
Vanilla Oreos
Strawberry filling
Banana pudding mix (three boxes)
Whipped vanilla icing


In this article made a 1/2 sheet of vanilla cake with banana flavoring
And a 1/2 sheet of vanilla cake with strawberry flavoring
I poke holes in the cake all over and added the banana pudding to the banana cake and the strawberry

filling to the strawberry cake
Add layer of icing over the entire cake
Crush vanilla wafers and add to banana cake

Crush strawberry wafers and vanilla Oreos together and add to strawberry cake
Pipe banana pudding on top of the banana cake
And strawberry filling on the strawberry cake

Put final icing touches on edges of cake
Decorate banana cake with wafers
Decorate strawberry cake with strawberries

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