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Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Pizza Rolls .

Still, and WHO doesn’t? you are going to like Air frier BBQ Chicken pizza pie Rolls, If you like pizza pie. These rolls area unit full of flavor and area unit the proper once academy snack, lunch, or regale!


1 will Crescent Dough Distance eight ounces
½ mug BBQ Sauce
½ tsp garlic war paint
½ tsp red pepper flakes
1 will prepared funk12.5 ounces
one ½ mug cheese rubbish
four slices saute bacon atrophied
two inexperienced onions diced


swimmingly canvas or use air fryer certification paper liners to arrange the air fryer container. Set away.

Roll out the confection distance so it is a true cube. erratically brush the BBQ sauce on prime of the space.

Season the sauce with the red pepper flakes and garlic war paint, and conjointly sprinkle cheese rubbish over the sauce .

Drain the will of funk and swimmingly shred any large chunks . unfold the funk over the rubbish.

prime the pizza pie with diced onion and atrophied bacon, also, tightly roll the the dough lengthwise till it is a long roll.

Slice the roll into eight items and place within the air vary container, cut aspect down.
Air fry at 370 °F for regarding 5-6 mins, till the crust is golden.

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