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Peanut Clusters .

These peanut butter balls are a simple 5 ingredient recipe that is quick to make and perfect for a snack or gift. A sweet recipe you can’t afford to miss.

It is very easy to make. You get a large quantity (about 100 clusters in a measuring spoon) and it stores well in a cool, dark place or in the freezer. { I like to make my own treats to spoil friends and family with }

And that’s a good thing, because they freeze well. In fact, freezing most of the batch is the only thing that keeps them out of sight, out of mind and out of my waistline!

If you are allergic to peanuts ? Replace them with pecans, almonds, walnuts or other nuts of your choice.

You can also add coconut, Rice Crispies , raisins – whatever your heart desires.

Best of all, cleanup is super easy as this dish is dishwasher safe. After you’ve laid it out on wax paper, all the utensils, spoons and spatulas go into the dishwasher, where they cool completely and are cleaned on a quick wash cycle. This means virtually no clean up, which I consider a win when it comes to things like chocolate stains.

There are several sweet and dark versions of Baker’s chocolate, but the bitter flavor really helps to balance out the overly sweetness of the peanut balls. The almond bark coating is almost too sweet anyway. If you like it really sweet, you can use milk chocolate for baking.


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