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How to Reheat a pizza quickly and properly?

It often happens that in a burst of appetite or because of hunger, we order or cook more pizza than we can eat immediately. After cooling, the dish loses its flavor. But if you do it right and reheat the pizza properly, you can enjoy the Italian dish to its fullest. Learn how to reheat a store-bought pizza and what you need to do to bring back the flavor of yesterday’s semi-finished pizza.

Table of Contents :
Reheating methods
In the microwave
In a frying pan
In the oven
On the grill
In a multicooker

Peculiarities of heating a pizza in a box from the store
Methods of heating
There are many ways to properly heat pizza at home: using the microwave (microwave oven), air grill, in a pan, in a multi-machine oven, oven and even on the grill or barbecue. Which of these ways to choose depends only on the hostess.

In the microwave.
Reheating pizza in the microwave oven is a quick and uncomplicated matter. This method is considered one of the most popular. The pizza will heat up in a matter of minutes, keeping it juicy inside.

How to reheat a pizza in the microwave:
First, you need to pick a large ceramic or glass dish, on which we will put the billet. It should not have chips, ornaments, ornaments. The optimal option – a plate that comes with the microwave. If you do not find a suitable container in the house, you can use a paper plate, but in no case plastic – when heated, it emits substances harmful to health.

Place a paper towel on the plate so that it will absorb any excess moisture as it heats up.
Divide the cake into several pieces and place them so that they do not touch each other.

To make the pizza even juicier, you can put a glass of water in the oven. The moisture that evaporates as it heats up will improve the taste of the treat.
Turn on the minimum power and heat the slices for 2 minutes. Repeat the procedure if the dough hasn’t warmed up enough.

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