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Air Fryer French Bread Pizza .

French bread pizza pie is fast, easy, delicious, AND crispy! particularly once worn out the air fryer. absolutely customizable with all of your favorite toppings, this easy pizza delivers superb taste! It’s positively a winner! My favorite thing of this recipe is that the proven fact that it’s on the far side easy! In under ten minutes, you’ve got a handled dinner that the total family can enjoy! My kids are obsessed.

Ingredients :

1 french bread baguet, cut in half and halved lengthwise
½ cup pizza pie sauce.
1 cup sliced cheese cheese.
20 pepperonis, quartered.
1 teaspoon dried oregano.

Instructions :

Preheat the air chicken to 325 degrees.

Place the french bread within the air fryer and toast for three minutes. I like to toast on air fry mode.

Evenly unfold the pizza pie sauce on every bit of french bread, sprinkle the cheese equally among every bit,
And top with the sausage quarters and oregano.

Carefully place within the air fryer and cook for 5-7 minutes, till the cheese is absolutely melted and simply slightly golden brown. Or till the required crispiness and caramelization of your selection.

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