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Diet salad with turkey

Turkey is a very nutritious but not fatty meat, which is ideal for a diet and a balanced diet. A salad made of it turns out very tasty. I recommend it! Cooking description: I had leftover boiled turkey (after making soup). “Why not make a salad?” – I thought? To make a diet salad with turkey, you do not need much: a large sweet and sour apple, a couple of celery roots, herbs to taste (besides onions, I added cilantro) and any nuts. I used walnuts, but you can safely add pecans. Just don’t dress the salad with mayonnaise, it will spoil the whole taste.


Boiled turkey (Recommended ) – 200 Grams
Green onions – 3 Pieces
Apple – 1 Piece
Nuts – To taste
Celery – 1-2 Pieces
Oil or sour cream – To taste (for dressing)
Number of servings: 1-2

How to cook “Diet salad with turkey”

Prepare all ingredients necessary for cooking. Finely chop boiled turkey meat. Chop the nuts. Rinse green onions, herbs and celery roots.

The apple or cut into small cubes, or grate. Chop the onion and celery too. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, there should be no large pieces. Season lightly with salt to taste. Dressing is best with olive oil or light sour cream, but not mayonnaise.

You can serve the ready-made diet turkey salad with bread.

Bon appetit!

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