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Old Fashioned Salmon Patties

Making homemade flavorful patties. And this time the filling will be fish and rice. Watch and write down a recipe for fried fish patties.


Egg 1 Piece
Water100 Milliliters
Milk100 Milliliters
Flour0,5 Kilograms
Yeast1 Tbsp.
Sardines200 grams
Rice1 Cup
Onions1 Piece

Instructions :

Step 1
Let’s start with the dough. In milk and water, whisk the egg with sugar and salt (to taste).

Step 2.
Then add yeast to milk mixture, let stand and start adding flour. Knead the dough well. Leave to rise for an hour. Then you have to knead the dough again and send it to a warm place for another 30 minutes.

Step 3
In the meantime, let’s deal with the filling. First fry the onions.
Meanwhile let’s stuff. To start with frying onions.

Step 4
Knead the fish with a fork.

Step 5
Add fried onions and mix.

Step 6
Boil the rice.

Step 7
Add to fish.

Step 8
Roll out the dough and make patties (everyone does it differently, so I won’t dwell on that). Fry in oil on a hot griddle.

Step 9
Fry until golden.
Our fried fish patties are ready! Bon appetit!
Fry until golden. Our fried fish cakes are ready!

Bon appetit!

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